Bucket List Aventures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam gives you the best of both worlds. The enchantment of a small town and privileges of a large city. This city is booming with so much activity and there’s something new coming up every day. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track. From romantic cruises to crazy-yummy snacks, thrilling activities, historical sites, etc. making it’s a perfect destination in Europe.


This is a list of what you must do in Amsterdam.

A’DAM Lookout

What’s better to kick off a bucket list than heights? If you’ve got a phobia for height then this isn’t for you. But since a bucket list is made of things to be done before one dies you might as well go all out. The A’DAM Lookout gives you one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Amsterdam. The swing takes you 100 meters from the ground and allows you to have a 360 degrees view of the skyline.

Visit Studio Irma

Moco Museum is one of the newest Amsterdam museums whose entire focus isn’t just history. Studio Irma will give you an insight into the future. It allows you to ‘Reflect forward’ and see some of the most creative work done by prominent artists. It’s a bucket list and a glance into the future may be the superpower you need.

Eat Frites

You can’t end a trip to Amsterdam before trying to have frites in the Dutch way. The Frites are topped with mayonnaise, peanut satay, and onions. The taste is heavenly! You’ll thank us later.

Eat some Bitterballen

We haven’t known the secret recipe that makes these finger-licking meatballs as they’re too tasty. All you do is keep eating. And the best way to enjoy them is including some spicy mustard. It’s a foodie’s jackpot. Even if you’re vegan, there are numerous cafes that sell meatless bitterballens.

Get sweets at Polaberry

If you’re a sweet tooth, add this to your bucket list. It’s your haven. And if you hate the sweet things, visit the place for Instagram posts. It’s one of the most instagrammable spots in Amsterdam. It right next to The Nine Streets and Jordaan.

Get cocktails at Bar Botanique

Maybe you’ve seen this Insta-famous Bar Botanique when looking for beautiful spaces to visit in Amsterdam. It’s a tropical green oasis that you should visit for the scenery. They have some amazing cocktail menu and some Cuban Salsa waiting for you.